If you’re wondering whether or not it’s still possible to make a living from domain parking in 2019 the answer is simple – Yes! In fact, I personally know several people who still make a nice living by parking their domain names at places like Bodis, ParkingCrew and Voodoo. Making a living this way isn’t as easy as it once was, though. Nobody is going to deny the fact that parking revenues aren’t what they once were and it can be difficult to make a living at it unless you know what you’re doing. Thankfully, I’m going to fill you in on a few simple tips that should help you maximize your domain parking revenues.

Own a Large Portfolio – A large domain portfolio is pretty much a requirement if you plan to try and make a living from parking. We’re not talking a few dozen or few hundred names, either. You should plan on developing a portfolio with thousands of names inside. The main reason for that is because many of the domains you’ll be buying won’t have traffic coming into them forever. Premium one-word domains that get lots of type-in traffic don’t become available for new registrations anymore. That means your portfolio will likely consist of domains that were previously developed. They might make you money, but only for a year or two. If you’re wanting to make a living off domain parking then expect to be constantly buying new domains that could have potential traffic coming into them. Also plan on monitoring those domains closely throughout the year so you know which ones won’t be worth renewing when that time arrives.

Target Domains in High Paying Niches – When it comes to maximizing revenue one simple way is to give higher priority to domains that are in really high paying niches like insurance, mortgage, debt, loans, and health. No matter how you choose to acquire traffic domains (backorder, hand registration, drop catching..etc), don’t hesitate to pay a little more for those higher priority names because they’ll make you more in the end. A good high-traffic domain in a really high paying niche can earn you hundreds per month alone. For those wanting to make a living from parking you should be targeting just about anything that has real traffic coming into it. However, if it’s going to produce high paying clicks then make it a higher priority.

Always Do Your Research – Some people take a list of expired domains, plug them into Alexa, and then go out and buy whichever ones have a decent ranking. At this day in age I’ll tell you that has to be one of the worst things you can do! There are so many tools out there which can help you research a domain names history you’d be a fool not to utilize them. Use the Wayback Machine so you can see what kind of content was previously on the domain you’re interested in. Was it a spam website or something real? Use sites like Majestic and Ahrefs to analyze incoming links, social media stats, and other information to try and gather a solid opinion as to whether or not it could have real traffic to backup that Alexa ranking.

Don’t Just Focus on Popular Extensions – One major error people make when looking for traffic domains they can park is sticking to just one or two extensions. Finding high traffic domains in the .COM extension can be tough and costly. There are several country code extensions out there which have numerous domains dropping on a daily basis that don’t just have traffic coming into them, but are probably going to be much cheaper and easier for you to acquire!

Apply the tips listed above when looking for high-traffic domains that you can park and make money from. As I mentioned, if you’re someone wanting to make a living this way it’s going to take time and patience. Setup a process to handle everything from how you’re going to look for domains with traffic, how you’re going to analyze those domains to make sure the traffic is real, what you’ll be willing to pay for them, and then where you’re going to park them. This should lead to more money and success with parking your domains!

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