One excellent way to begin making more revenue from your domain names is to simply develop them. Whether it be a blog, e-commerce website or message board, domains with lots of content can begin getting ranked in search engines and draw significantly more amounts of traffic when compared to names that are just parked with no current or previous development. One issue several domain investors face is web hosting. Some aren’t familiar with how web hosting works, where to buy it, what type to buy, and numerous other things. This article was created to help any newbie solve each of those issues so they can begin hosting and developing their domains for free!

The first step to monetizing your domains via development is to decide which domain(s) you are going to develop. Most domain investors have large portfolio’s which may contain anywhere from dozens to hundreds of names. You should pick one (or a few) which are in an area you enjoy writing or talking about. Something you have knowledge over and could write about at least once every couple of days. Once your domains are picked out you’ll need to host them some place. Finding the right web hosting provider is an important step because this is where all of your website data will be stored and accessed. You want a hosting company that’s going to be reliable. If the web hosting companies server is down often, your website won’t be accessible. It’s important that your web hosting provider have good server uptime and your website is always accessible and loading at a fast speed. Other features your should look for when determining how good a web hosting company is the speed at which their support responds and answers issues, the cost, and the amount of disk space and bandwidth you receive.

Thankfully, we’ve already gone out and done most of the hard work for you. Listed below are five of the best free web hosting providers you can use online. Each of these providers offers a fair amount of disk space, has great uptime, and will not charge you a dime to host and begin developing your domains. – Wix offers a flexible, browser-based website builder that makes the process of hosting your website simple. It’s ideal for portfolio websites and other small sites. They have several different templates for you to choose from, 500MB in storage, and email. – x10Hosting offers 1GB in storage, cPanel control panel access, and 2 add-on domains. They’re an extremely popular free hosting company that is ideal for blogs and other sites. One-Click installations are available for WordPress, Magento and other platforms. – AwardSpace is one of the oldest and most well-established free web hosting companies out there. They offer 1GB in storage and can host 1 domain with up to 3 subdomains. There are no ads using their free hosting plan and no website builder is included. – 5GBFree is a newer free web hosting provider who offers cutting-edge hosting solutions. Free accounts receive 5GB in storage space, 1 add-on domain, and 1 parked domain. One-click installations are also available for Joomla, WordPress, and other platforms. – Freehostia runs in a cloud-based environment and is another great choice when wanting to host your website free of charge. Their speeds can be up to 15x faster than others, but only offer 250MB in storage space. That means you’ll want to use this provider only for small websites, such as a five or six page e-commerce website.

Once you have a web host picked out, you’ll need to update the nameservers on your domain to whichever nameservers are provided by the web hosting company. After that, your website will take about 24 hours to propagate and begin showing your website. The final step is to begin monetizing your website. Signup with an ad network (such as Google Adsense) and begin placing ads on your website. As you start writing and creating more content, ads will display to your visitors and you’ll begin earning extra revenue from a newly developed website that doesn’t cost you a dime in hosting each month!

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