G8C is an innovative new community that combines the most helpful domain tools with other social features to help domain investors, SEO experts and other webmasters earn more revenue while also making it easy to network with fellow members. Our website is full of tools and features that can help you become a more successful website owner or domain investor. Members can utilize the different tools on our website to perform several actions including domain lookups, IP lookups, and other network information.

Our goal is to help you become more successful while also introducing you to new people who also work within this industry. Use the different connections you make here to expand your network of friends and receive help or advice anytime you need it!

Our History
Although this community is still new, the admins of G8C each have a deep knowledge and an extensive background in both the domain and internet marketing industries. Our tools and services are used by both businesses and individuals whom are constantly looking for valuable new domain assets they can register or acquire through our community. We are extremely passionate about offering other domainers and webmasters useful tools and a safe place they can meet new people online. Our mission is to provide a fun place where domain investors and other internet marketing fanatics can have a good time while also improving their business.